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Liq.In7 supplement 2015

Assessment of Fluid Intake Across Countries Around the World: Methodological and Public Health Implications

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Advances in water intake assessment

by Jodi Dunmeyer Stookey, Juergen Koenig


Water intake: validity of population assessment and recommendations

by Joan Gandy.

Original contribution

Total fluid intake assessed with a 7-day fluid record versus a 24-h dietary recall: a crossover study in Indonesian adolescents and adults

by Saptawati Bardosono et.al.

A cross-over study comparing an online versus a paper 7-day food record: focus on total water intake data and participant’s perception of the records

by B. Monnerie et.al.

Total fluid intake and its determinants: cross-sectional surveys among adults in 13 countries worldwide

by C. Ferreira-Pêgo et.al.

Intake of water and different beverages in adults across 13 countries

by I. Guelinckx et.al.

Total fluid intake of children and adolescents: cross-sectional surveys in 13 countries worldwide

by Iris Iglesia et.al.

Intake of water and beverages of children and adolescents in 13 countries

by I. Guelinckx et.al.