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8th Hydration for Health Annual Scientific Conference

Proceedings report of the 8th Annual Hydration for Health Scientific Conference published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2017

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Every year the Annual Hydration For Health Scientific Conference publish its proceeding, a collection of scientific articles by the speakers of this edition.

Access below the publications from the 2016 Hydration For Health conference.


Hydration Conference Spans Many Research Areas
Armstrong L.E.
Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):1-3


Shifting Focus: From Hydration for Performance to Hydration for Health
Perrier E.T.
Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):4-12


Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women: Drinking for two?
Bardosono S.a · Morin C.c · Guelinckx I.c · Pohan R.b
Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):13-17


Monitoring Body Water Balance in Pregnant and Nursing Women: The Validity of Urine Color
McKenzie A.L. · Armstrong L.E.
Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):18-22


Assessing a Tool for Self-Monitoring Hydration Using Urine Color in Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women: A Cross-Sectional, Online Survey
Rigaud M.a · Sevalho Corçao C.a · Perrier E.T.a · Boesen-Mariani S.b
Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):23-29


Effects of Dehydration on Brain Functioning: A Life-Span Perspective
Pross N.
Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):30-36


The Discovery of Water Channels (Aquaporins)
Brown D.
Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):37-42


Polycystic Kidney Disease and the Vasopressin Pathway
van Gastel M.D.A.a, b · Torres V.E.a
Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):43-50


Relationship between Sodium Intake and Water Intake: The False and the True
Bankir L.a, b · Perucca J.a, b · Norsk P.c · Bouby N.a, b · Damgaard M.d

Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):51-61


Under What Conditions do Water-Intervention Studies Significantly Improve Child Body Weight?

Stookey J.D.

Ann Nutr Metab 2017;70(suppl 1):62-67