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5th Hydration for Health Annual Scientific Conference

Proceedings report of the 5th Annual Hydration for Health Scientific Conference published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2014

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Every year the Annual Hydration For Health Scientific Conference publish its proceeding, a collection of scientific articles by the speakers of this edition.

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H4H - Hydration for Health
Lafontan M.
Obes Facts 2014;7(suppl 2):1-5


From State to Process: Defining Hydration
Perrier E.T.a · Armstrong L.E.b · Daudon M.c · Kavouras S.d · Lafontan M.e · Lang F.f · Péronnet F.g · Stookey J.D.h · Tack I.i · Klein A.a
Obes Facts 2014;7(suppl 2):6-12


Optimal Hydration Biomarkers: Consideration of Daily Activities
Muñoz C.X. · McKenzie A.L. · Armstrong L.E.
Obes Facts 2014;7(suppl 2):13-18


Hydration and Kidney Health
Bouby N.a, b · Clark W.F.c · Roussel R.a,d,e · Taveau C.a, b · Wang C.J.f
Obes Facts 2014;7(suppl 2):19-32


Obesity: A Gateway Disease with a Rising Prevalence
Frühbeck G.a, b · Yumuk V.a, c
Obes Facts 2014;7(suppl 2):33-36


Hydration and Obesity Prevention
Borys J.-M.a · de Ruyter J.C.b · Finch H.c · Harper P.c · Levy E.d · Mayer J.c · Richard P.c · Ruault du Plessis H.c · Seidell J.C.b · Vinck J.e
Obes Facts 2014;7(suppl 2):37-48